SE KM-240 – Japanese Series 240mm Kamagata Usuba


This traditional Usuba is hand-forged from the highest quality Japanese Yasuki white steel by renowned craftsmen in the city of Sakai (craftsmens’ names not disclosed for privacy reasons).  This 240mm blade is ideal for slicing fruits and vegetables.



Japanese SE Series Features

  • Made in traditional Japanese shapes with single-bevel edges.
  • Hand-forged in the traditional Japanese style by renowned blade smiths in Sakai, Japan.
  • The highest quality Yasuki Shirogami (white steel) is prized for its edge-holding ability and ease of sharpening.
  • Blades are beautifully mirror-polished to showcase the quality of the steel.
  • Ebony handles with silver ring accents and matching ebony scabbard.
  • Comes packaged in a wooden gift box and carrying bag.
  • Can be sharpened to an extremely fine edge.
  • Requires proper knowledge and experience to maintain.

Please Note: Each knife is individually made for you

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