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”A Mac where have you been all my life. I’m a knife guy, I love the quality of knives and respect the effort they pull off in the kitchen.On use this thing is sharp, very sharp, and will slice and dice through most of your kitchen duties with butter like ease.”
Sean Gately

”I’m a professional chef and since i’ve start using MAC i’ve never looked back…..it’s like having a MAC book pro….once you buy it never look back at windows…and the prices so much worth then global..masahiro…shun etc etc…and trust me if you don’t cut lemons and if you use it probably…it stay sharp….for ever and ever….everybody keeps usuing it in my kitchen and i’m so jealous….buy it buy it buy it….. ;-)”
Mateo Smith

“I’ve used this MAC knife for 10 years and it’s still as sharp as it was when it came out of the box. It feels perfect in my hands and glides through most things effortlessly. The blade is very thin, so it doesn’t require much force to cut through different foods. This is a fantastic knife to start with because it can be used for the majority of your kitchen cutting needs. It’s the first knife I always grab for, when I am cutting in the kitchen.”
Jason Sem

“I am a self proclaimed, home trained, non-certified chef… in the making and even I could figure out how to operate this highly machined piece of culinary genius.
The blade is so sharp I was able to play fruit ninja for hours on end and it was light enough to not leave my arm sore after hours of slicing.
Chopping with this knife is such a pleasure I would often purchase mushrooms just to have the pleasure of slicing them paper thin and then trying to put them back together.”
Antreas Nikolaou

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”No matter how expensive the knife, there are none better than the MAC knives. Yet our knives are reasonably priced and with proper care and maintenance, they will provide many, many years of exceptional service.”

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