These knives are made out of the highest quality Yasuki Shirogami (white steel) available in Sakai and are hand-forged by some of Japan’s most renowned craftsmen. They are honyaki blades (solid 1-piece construction) and are known for having the sharpest possible edge on a knife. Special knowledge and care is required for these blades to prevent rusting and chipping.

The blade is polished to a mirror shine and is available either sharpened or unsharpened (Japanese chefs prefer to buy these knives unsharpened so that they can sharpen them themselves to the finest possible edge, but we are happy to sharpen them for you as well).

Black ebony handle with silver accent ring and buffalo horn cap. Each knife comes with a fitted ebony scabbard, cloth bag, and wooden presentation box.

Each knife is made-to-order so expect about a 3-month waiting period.

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